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Dashain Festival

Dashain festival is one of the most auspicious festival celebrated all over Nepal delightfully. According to the Bikram Sambat and Nepal Sambat annual calendar, it starts from the Shukla Paksha of the month of Ashwin and ends on Purnima, the full moon whereas it starts September/October in English month. It is the longest festival  where each nine days Navaratri leading up to the 10th day called “ Dashami” carry specific significance. It is celebrated as the most important festival by Hindus, Buddhists,and the ethnic.

Dashain is celebrated for 15 days where 1st ,7th ,8th ,9th ,10th, and 15th days are regarded as the most important days. The 1st day of dashain is known as” Ghatasthapana”, on this day people fill a vessel with sand and soaked maize and barley seeds and is covered and worshipped for 10 days.Similarly, the 7th day / Saptami is known as “Phulpati”. The 8th day is regarded as” Maha Aastami “ where animals are sacrificed to Goddess kali and the meat is taken as Holy food (Parsad). Likewise, the 9th day is called Maha Navami. On this day people worship their machinery equipments by sacrificing different animals .Lastly, the most auspicious day is 10th day called” Vijaya Dashami”. On this special day younger ones in a family receive Tika ( a mixture of yogurt, rice and vermillion) and Jamara ( planted on the first day of dashain) with blessings from elders as well as respected people.


This festival is the ceremony of reunion, harmony and fun.People come home and get together with their families. Mainly, kids enjoy these days by buying new clothes,eating delicious food and playing games like fly kites, bamboo swings and get involved in different exciting activities. The process of visiting relatives house leads from the day of dashami to the next five days called 15th day. In this way, all the people enjoy Dashain Festival with tremendous interest.


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