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I highly recommend Uttam for any traveller

i’m a travelling photojournalist, when i arrived at Kathmandu I was overwhelmed with the place, I had just lost my luggage and i was wearing only the clothes i had on and my backpack with cameras
I met Uttam at his fathers clothing store while shopping for replacement clothes I noticed a calm and well spoken young man who was willing to help with my purchases and willing to share information about Nepal travel tips. I asked Uttam if he could be my guide for the 7 days i was in Nepal, we negotiated a good rate and day by day plan to see all major sites and his home village. Because of his professionalism we we ended uo seeing everything on my list and spending 2 days in his home village of Dhunkharka which was a wonderful place, most of my expenses we’re taken care of in advance and a cultural show was set up just for me, i was welcomed to his home and had a wonderful time

Utam also went beyond his responsibilities by looking out for me on day trips, helping me bargain with street vendors and acting as my translator, also taking me to the airport and following up on a ATM banking I have days after I had left.
I highly recommend Uttam for any traveller wanting to see the unique and authentic culture of Nepal

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